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Concrete Revetments and Erosion Control Solutions in the UK

ARMORTEC® has been a leader in the erosion control industry since 1978. With world headquarters located in Ohio, ARMORTEC is international in scope, providing engineered systems for owners, developers and engineers. We bring performance tested, hard armour solutions for a wide variety of applications including: channel lining, shoreline protection, dam crests and spillways, energy dissipation, pipeline and cable protection, bridge and abutment protection, boat ramps, low water crossings, outfall protection, wave attack protection, and more. RPC Ltd are the sole UK manufacturer and distributor of the Armortec range of erosion control and concrete revetment products. Please click on the products below for more information, or click here to download the full product brochure.

Armorflex block revetments

Articulating Concrete
Block Revetment System
Armorloc - advanced revetment system

The Advanced
Revetment System

Pipeflex - erosion control for pipes

Protection for Submerged
Pipelines and Cables
Porcupine - concrete retaining walls

A simple to build
multivariable retaining
wall system

For technical product support, design or installation guidance, or more information about Armortec revetments and erosion control products, please contact us.

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